Our History


Red Roof Solutions is a San Diego based software product development company who narrowly focuses on e-commerce and social marketing verticals. We help startups and established businesses transform their business ideas into technically feasible product requirements, and then release successful e-commerce software products. We specialize in SaaS, Client Facing applications that help brands monetize their social influence. We address needs such as technology choice, architecture and prototype design, as well as step by step product delivery.

We work with both startups and established businesses and help our clients with short-term and long term projects in rapid development and core development capacities.

We understand that many startups cannot afford to make large investments at the early stage of their businesses. We make it easier for them to team up with mature and tech-savvy people who make an essential backbone for any product development. With corporate headquarters in San Diego, CA and software development centers in Belarus, Eastern Europe, Red Roof Solutions offers you the convenience and security of working with a reliable U.S. corporation plus all the benefits of a highly affordable offshore outsource development team.

Our business was founded in the early 2000, and since then we have accumulated extensive knowledge developing web-based e-commerce and social marketing products using mainly Java/JEE and .Net. We are also fluent in mobile application development for iOS, Andriod and Windows Mobile. During more than 13 years, we have helped dozens of e-commerce startups bring their ideas to life. The solutions we have helped to develop include e-commerce video platforms for brand management and advertising, Business Intelligence tools for in-depth customer experience research, comprehensive web portals for managing loyalty programs and social rewards, multiple mobile apps for customer engagement, and many, many more.

Our approach to software development is based on ISO standards, company norms and experience gained from its previous product launching initiatives. Depending on the project scope, the level of involvement preferred of the client and – most importantly – the client's preferences, Red Roof Solutions usually applies a custom methodology based on Agile or Waterfall principles. Thanks to our transparent business process it's easy to maintain cost and quality control without much involvement into technical details.

If you are still reading this – why not reaching out right away? Probably together we could create some great products that will define the e-commerce of the future!