Our Services

Product Development

We offer you 4 basic steps to go through with us:

Proof of Concept

It all starts with matching your product capabilities to the needs of your target market. Here we have to address important questions such as what are the markups for the industry, who are your target customers, what is the business problem your product-to-be must solve. Having successfully launched 50+ startup software products related to social marketing and e-commerce, we know the industry's best practices and strategies like the back of our hand. We will task our business analysts to step into your shoes and help you define what your customers truly want and need. Together we will think over strategic things such as product vision, product positioning and messaging, as well as detailed roadmap with clear goals for each development iteration.

Planning and Prototyping

After the Product Concept is polished and approved, we get down to a detailed elaboration to make sure that all the envisioned product features are technically feasible. After conducting an in-depth technical research and assessing all risks, we will come up with the high fidelity UI prototype – basically a "demo" of the product that will behave like a real product when you click on it. Along with that, we will prepare full project documents needed for the further development: functional requirements, product backlog, test plan, UI variants.

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – is a minimum set of product features required to allow your potential customers grasp the product idea and test it. This stage is aimed at ensuring that your customers truly want the product before a large investment is made. Once the MVP is released and accessible for its users, you can get their feedback and estimate how many people see your product as exactly what they need. It is facilitated by Rapid Application Development tools and methodologies to get maximum information with minimum time and investment spent.

Product Evolution

Once the startup product has proven its market fit, next step is 'putting flesh on the bones'. After your idea has gone live, you can get more user feedback and spot more opportunities to take advantage of. For the further product growth, we are at hand to assist you with growing yet greater functionality. Red Roof's specialists will leverage their hands on experience and technical expertise to guarantee high extensibility, supportability and maintainability of your product. We provide maintenance, technical support and even a possibility of setting a call center to guarantee excellent service for your end clients. By enhancing your product with new features and services, we will make users play with it again and again.